• 05/07/2017 • Artist Interviews, News

    Artist Interview: Alli ‘Skirtzzz’ White

      Artists Real Name: Alli White Artists Alias: Skirtzzz Artists Country: US   With her flair for dynamic and expressive characters and charming stylization, Skirtzzz’s work is as eye-catching as it is endearing....

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  • 19/06/2017 • General Art News, News Looking Ahead

    It has been quite some time since featured interviews from some of the world’s most renowned artists. After a long hiatus, will resume it’s coverage of great artists around the world, and we will be...

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  • 27/09/2014 • News

    Welcome to ArtSketch 2.0

    Hi there, and welcome to the new ArtSketch! We’ve worked long and hard to bring a more refined and cleaner user experience, keeping art front and center, and allowing you to read content with minimal distraction. We really hope you...

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  • 30/06/2014 • General Art News, News

    DAS School of Art and Design

    A first in South Africa, DAS School of Art and Design launches, to train a new generation of Concept Artists and Illustrators for work in Films, Games and Entertainment, globally. DAS School of Art and Design, a private training...

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  • 21/06/2014 • Artist Interviews, News

    Artist Interview: Nicola Sammarco

    With a penchant for creating expressive and lively illustration, and a heart for sincere character art, Nicola Sammarco is a one of a kind artist. Currently working as a comic artist, illustrator and 2D animator, we caught up with him...

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