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30/06/2014 • General Art News, News

A first in South Africa, DAS School of Art and Design launches, to train a new generation of Concept Artists and Illustrators for work in Films, Games and Entertainment, globally.

DAS School of Art and Design, a private training institution, has endeavored to expand the educational options of aspiring concept artists and illustrators, by giving them the opportunity to comprehensively study art and design in South Africa for entertainment media.

Entertainment design embodies creating visual assets including drawings, paintings, characters and vehicles designs, as well as environment designs, for use in entertainment productions. Films, games, animated features and other entertainment media rely on high quality illustration and concept art work to inform the look and feel of a production.

Some of the DAS June 2014 intake students.

Some of the DAS June 2014 intake students.

“We’ve spent years refining our curriculum, from a basic set of guidelines, to a fully fleshed out and deeply complex art training system, designed to equip artists with the highest level of art skills.” says Scott Harris, Art Director and Course coordinator at DAS. “We’ve also received a bountiful amount of input from professionals, giving us a high level of confidence in what we’re teaching, and how we teach it.” Echoing Scott’s words, Kyle Brand Co-Art Director adds “… all they need beyond that for success, would be personal motivation.” The staff emphasizes that the workload for their course is quite heavy, and that students should expect a “Fourth Year University” level of assignment requirements.

Art Director Kyle Brand illustrating ID drawing.

Art Director Kyle Brand illustrating ID drawing.

Brand, together with co-art directors Matthew Vice and Harris, believe that South Africa is one of the best places to study concept art and design.

“South Africa is an amazing place – on the one hand we have beautiful nature and wildlife, amazing sights, and fantastic weather – especially in Jo’burg. On the other hand, we have world-class facilities and technology.” says Vice.

DAS is currently in the first term of it’s 1 Year Foundations and Advanced course June Intake, and the team are both confident and optimistic that their curriculum, combined with motivated students, will prove fruitful in producing high-end entertainment design professionals.


The interior of the school has numerous posters of AAA movies and games for inspiration

Commenting on the School, current student Crowther Lindeque says “These first few weeks of studying at DAS were exactly what I hoped it would be. The workload is intense, the theory rock-solid, and application thereof practical and helpful. I’m looking forward to seeing all the hard work pay off!”

January and June 2015 intake registrations are now open to both national and international students for the schools one year Foundations and Advanced course, which trains from the ground up. Covering the fundamental principles of drawing and painting, as well as high end techniques, the course promises to bring aspiring artists work to the next level rapidly.

Learn more about the DAS School of Art and Design here:


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